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Dietary supplements are an important resource contributing to personal well-being, and are widely used by all age groups.

Foods for specific groups, also known as Food Specific Groups (FSG), are regulated by Regulation (EU) 609/2013 that came into force 2 July 2016 and abrogated Directive 2009/39/EC on foods for particular diets, and includes in its field of application the provision for the following categories of products:

  1. Foods for babies,
  2. Foods for special medical needs (AFMS in Italy),
  3. Foods for total substitution of a diet for weight reduction.


Our team supports companies in this sector, acting in compliance with the legislation in force and the various Ministry of Health guidelines in all the necessary steps for notification:

  • Consulenza tecnico-scientifica e ottimizzazione della composizione di prodotti già in commercio;
  • Evaluation of the claims,
  • Evaluation of the ingredients of cosmetics used in the formulation, and claims,
  • Preparation of advertising material,
  • Management of the registration documentation and procedure of notification at the Ministry of Health,
  • Authorization procedure for production
  • Request of CFS,
  • Development of the system of phytosurveillance